Friday, 20 February 2009

Well i had an ok week. I lost 1lb this week which takes me to 12lbs in total. Not bad but need to knuckle down this week as i want to get my stone next week. I've got plenty planned for this weekend so hopefully that should keep me busy. My hubby and i have a photo shoot tonight whihc i'm looking forward to, would be nice to get a professional picture of just the two of us as the only professional ones we have are our wedding ones.

I've got two recipes to master this weekend (both of them for cookies) but i'm going to be taking lots in to work as there are a few of us on the diet so we can enjoy something sweet and not be naughty.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Even More Dreaded Airline Seat

Just about to book the flights for our holiday in August - off to Rhodes for 2 weeks and also attending a wedding while we are there.

So we found some cheap flights but they are famous for having tiny seats.

So off i go hunting on the web to get seat measurements and finally come up with a great page which tells you how wide the seats are between armrests.

And to be comfortable i need to loose about 6inches from my behind!!!

So another target is laid out. I'm hoping that at a rate of 1inch per month i can shift it.

I shall keep you updated.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The dreaded measurements!

Well i've just got my hubby to take my measurements. i know i have already lost 11lbs but i don't think that will have made much difference to my measurements.
I'm planning on updating my measurements about once a month. So here are the first ones:
Neck 44cms/17.25inchs
Upper Arm 46cms/18inchs
Bust 149cms/58.5inchs
Waist 150cms/59inchs
Hips 180.5cms/71inchs
Thigh 95cms/37.25inchs
Calf 57.7cms/22inchs


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Weight Loss

Nov 08 - 12th Feb 09 - lost 11lbs
19th Feb - lost 1lb


I've done Weight Watchers more times than i care to remember and have been going this time since November 2008.

Since then i have lost 11lbs but if i'm honest i have been mucking around and not getting down to it properly.

So today, after looking at so many other success stories on other blogs, i have made the decision to get my head into the right place.

I've joined an Easter challenge and want to loose 1st 7lbs in the next 8 weeks. It might sound ambitious but i think i can achieve it if i put my mind to it.

My WI day is Thursday and i go with two friends from work (helps keep me away from the cakes in the office knowing they are watching!)

I have a wedding abroad at the end of August and i need to be looking good by then and have dropped a significant amount of weight or i won't be able to fly!

I went back to the gym this week and am going to push myself to go three times a week and try and get walking a bit more.

Well that's enough for today.