Saturday, 14 February 2009


I've done Weight Watchers more times than i care to remember and have been going this time since November 2008.

Since then i have lost 11lbs but if i'm honest i have been mucking around and not getting down to it properly.

So today, after looking at so many other success stories on other blogs, i have made the decision to get my head into the right place.

I've joined an Easter challenge and want to loose 1st 7lbs in the next 8 weeks. It might sound ambitious but i think i can achieve it if i put my mind to it.

My WI day is Thursday and i go with two friends from work (helps keep me away from the cakes in the office knowing they are watching!)

I have a wedding abroad at the end of August and i need to be looking good by then and have dropped a significant amount of weight or i won't be able to fly!

I went back to the gym this week and am going to push myself to go three times a week and try and get walking a bit more.

Well that's enough for today.

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